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Boredom at 1 am.

2008-06-12 02:43:57 by dontxthemusic

Hello to all you people actually reading this. I know that is not many. Thank you for taking your precious moments of life to read the way I wasted mine. Wonderful world we live in eh? But I digress...
The main purpose of this is to tell you about myself. I'm keeping it short and sweet of course.
Let's see. I consider my self:

At this moment I've been playing piano a little over 7 years, Trombone a little over 4 years, Percussion for about 2 years off and on. I also have attempted to play a brand new saxophone I acquired for my birthday,which resulted in several injuries. That brand new shiny saxophone is sitting in its flawless case in a dusty corner in my library right now. Lol. Yes, I said library. I love to read, but unfortunately have very little time to. I also write poetry. Yay, poetry. . Thats right folks. I'm not above a shameful plug for my own poetry page. Forgive it for being horribly out of date, I haven't put anything on it or updated it in ages. I've got some of my best work on there however. I also have an unfinished novel on my computer right now. A vampire romance novel. So original know. (Yes folks, I did just use sarcasm, for those of you that are slow) My other random creative spurts lead to many more projects left in unfinished states. Although I have finished several lovely flower arrangements that decorate my home. Or did. Until my mother decided to sit them outside and the birds used the flowers to build their nests with. Oh well. At least the little birdies were warm. I am in marching band, an award winning one. One of the best in the state. Thank you, thank you *bows*. Anyway, I wont bore you with band talk. I do have a southern accent, but I'm not a complete redneck. I think of myself more as the classy,civil war era southern belle, with my mannerisms and whatnot. I'm a VERY open minded person. You can trust me with anything, which my friends normally do. I will give them my opinion, but I won't judge them. As long as you don't try to force you're ideas on me, I will respect them . I am one of the top of my class, and hope to be THE TOP of it come senior year. I strive to be the best I can be. Straight A student, though I am more knowledgeable of the world and random facts than of say Math. *shudders* I DESPISE math. Too...straightforward... for me. I prefer more abstract areas of thinking and study. Despite how boring I sound, I'm actually pretty crazy. The only thing that people generally don't like about me is I don't BS anyone. If I don't like you, you will know it. If something is on my mind, you will know it. So sue me for being honest. It is something I feel is sorely lacking in this world. Also, if you don't like me, then don't even waste my time by telling me. I honestly don't care. I don't mind opinions on my dress,writing, music, etc. That is criticism. I actually like criticism. I use it to better myself usually. But, if you have an opinion on WHO I AM, well stuff it. My friends love me for me. Sorry if you don't. Frankly in my opinion it is your loss. I am a huge conservationist. Don't bash the environment around me unless you want to debate. Yes, I believe in global warming. Yes, I believe in saving the rain forest. Yes, I was upset about drilling in Alaska. Yes, I think the world needs to recycle more. I could go on and on all day about the subject, but I shall refrain. I think you get my point. In fact, I have a lot of opinions about the world today, most of which you probably won't agree with. If you ever wish to chat with me about them, please feel free to email or IM me. Which reminds me...

Email : Duh, the same you twit.

Anyway...I'd love to meet you and have a pleasant chat. I could be your new best friend. Or your new worst enemy. We won't know either way till you talk to me eh? Lol. Well, considering that I am basically rambling, and it shall soon be most likely incoherent, I shall take your leave for now. Thank you once again for visiting my page and blog, and I hope you like my music and left a review or two. Or three. Or more. lol.

Farewell with Lots of Love and Peace,


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2008-06-18 12:54:43

Yeah Tennessee!
Also, lovin' your music.
Nice review of yourself.
Would love to talk sometime, you seem like an...interesting person.


2008-06-18 22:03:13

What?! you don't like metal? oh well... came to stop by to say hello since I think your music is awesome, and well composed. Keep up the good work! check out my page too, if you have the time!


2008-06-19 12:56:45

How can you not like metal? I mean, there's some really complex metal out there. Stuff by Arcturus is an extreme treat for the analytical brain. In one of their pieces, they managed to string tons of dissonance with a bunch of polyrhythmic and polytonic stuff, and it was absolutely brilliant. Mostly instrumental. But yeah. Still don't understand how you can't like metal.


2008-06-19 21:51:59

Great music! It seems that you're a very smart person and very artistic also! Good luck with your music, poems, books, school, friends, family, life...well life overall XD



2008-06-20 00:41:29

Hello my love... You're doing wonderfully... Talking to you right now lol. Keep on making these works of art. Maybe I could inspire you to make a piece like these posted here..